Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Through my Daughter's Eyes

Sara is my precious 5 year old. She is in Kindergarten this year. I learn so much from this sweet girl. Life filtered through the eyes of an innocent child is a beautiful thing.

Last week Sara had a dentist appointment. Let me give you a little background first, she has had a GREAT fear of the dentist for quite some time. So much so that we've never been able to get her into the office, much less the dentist chair. It's been over a year since we've tried so I went ahead and made an appointment hoping that time and maturity would be on my side and that FINALLY we'd get this girls teeth checked and cleaned.

I'd been talking to her about the upcoming appointment for weeks. Reminding her it was coming, preparing her for what will happen and how it won't be scary. Each time we'd talk about it I'd ask her "how are you feeling about it now?" Each answer was, "still pretty scared."

So the day of the appointment arrives. She's being brave....gets in the car. Stares out the window asking every few minutes as we pass buildings, "is this my dentist office?" Finally we get there. Park. and I turn around in the car. I ask her "are you still scared, baby?" She said, "yes mommy, my stomach is hurting and I'm a little scared." So I ask her what I can do to help her not be scared, what does she need me to do? And then she unbuckles her seatbelt, crawls into the front seat of the car with me and says, "mommy, will you just pray with me. I know Jesus can make me feel better and that He'll be in there with me when I'm scared. Can you just pray now that He takes this funny feeling out of my tummy and helps my feet walk into the dentist's door."

Of course I prayed with her, but I was just stunned. My five year old knows where to turn in her fear. The One who holds her fears...the One who can calm them in a single breath. That's something that took me YEARS to learn...oh how I wished I'd known there was a Father that loved me and would be with me in the scary moments, when I was a kid. Her perspective on things is beautiful. I love living life with her and watching her come to know and love Jesus more and more. What a gift as a parent to watch.

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  1. Don't you just love it when childlike faith slaps you in the face! I love it when my kids teach me stuff! God is good that way!