Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fave Crock pot recipe-Salsa Chicken

I have a one year old who is EXTREMELY demanding of my attention. As in, doesn't let me move 2 steps away from her without screaming and attempting to climb my legs. So I have discovered that getting meals into the crock pot at her nap time (or before she wakes up) makes our evenings run much smoother. Usually all I have to do is throw together a side or a vegetable and we're ready to eat. Saves my life and my sanity.

My favorite recipe is the easiest and yummiest in the book.
-Grab a bag of frozen chicken (or use chicken breast)
-Dump in crock pot
-Cover with salsa (I buy mine from a local Mexican restaurant, but store bought works too)
-add optional ingredients (I love to throw mushrooms in mine and sometimes pearl onions)
-Cook on low for 6 hrs (if frozen) or 4 hrs (if thawed)
That's it. So easy. The aroma is delicious. I make some rice with it or sometimes throw the chicken over a salad. This reheats really well too!


  1. Or make chicken tacos with it! Yum! :)

  2. Girl, I have a better chicken taco recipe- will post it next week :)