Saturday, January 29, 2011

Feeding the ducks

Today was beautiful weather. 70's, slight wind, wonderful amount of sunlight- a nice change to the dark, damp, cold days we've had lately. I love the sun. The feel of the warmth on my skin, the smell of being outside---it's why I adore Spring. It's my favorite season to savor.
Since it was so nice out, I told the girls I'd take them to feed the duck once we ran a few errands.
We had a great time, saved Kate numerous times from trying to dive face first in the water to grab the bread back to eat, and laughed a ton together.
There weren't many ducks- mainly REALLY aggressive geese and a bunch of birds- but we had a blast feeding anything that would take our bread. What a wonderful day- I needed that Lord- you knew it. Thank you!

my sweet girls

Sara feeding the turtles and birds

Kate would have loved to tackle this duck

A beautiful windmill by the lake

our bread-stealing birds-they were fun though

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