Monday, January 31, 2011

meet Sara

Sara is my sweetheart of a 5 year old (do NOT call her 6, she will inform you of how many days/months till that happens.) She is such an awesome little girl, not just saying that cause I'm her momma, but she is just the sweetest, funniest, kind hearted little thing. I love to watch her when she doesn't know I'm looking. She is shy alot of times, quiet, behind the scenes, unassuming. She doesn't like to be put on the spot, never "performs" when you ask her to, and has quite an opinion that she'll offer even when you don't want it.
Sara loves to sing, dance, and draw. She has just learned how to read this year and is highly impressed with herself when she can pick up a book and read the words. She loves to draw me pictures and write me sweet little notes, which I adore. I have a whole box full of my letters and drawings that she gives to me. She loves to bless other people with notes too. I'm always being asked to put them in an envelope and mail them off to family and friends.
Sara has such a heart for Jesus. She loves Him and loves to tell other about Him. She has no shame in sharing the gospel, doesn't think twice about it. Always asking people, "do you love Jesus?" She loves worship music and blesses me always with singing worship songs and telling Bible stories to Kate.
Sara loves Kate. Loves to play with her, tease her, dress her up, and always wants to drag her around the house.
I love my girls, they are unending joy to me. There the biggest blast of my life. It's amazing how two little people can change everything. 

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