Friday, October 19, 2012

2 Kids and a Dentist Trip

Today was the day to take the girls to the dentist, a new one, but a highly recommended one at that. Sara has been several times and I didn't think twice about taking her. Kate on the other hand does not as easily adjust to new situations and often pulls a freak out on me when faced with them. I was dreading this with and for Kate. I though that maybe if big sister, Sara, went first we could see how great she did and Kate would follow suit.
I should know by now that in life, any planning never seems to work in my favor. Sara freaked on me when we got her on the table and they started cleaning her teeth. Big crocodile tears, wailing, was a scene, one I'd rather forget soon.
As they are cleaning both of my girls teeth at the same time I am not even near Kate. She's a champ, loving every second of this and soaking up the attention of the ladies talking to her and cleaning her teeth. They said they wouldn't try x-rays on her, but as they saw how awesome she did, they sat her up there and x-rayed away with no problems.
This momma was utterly shocked. Someone switched my kids and the freak out by Sara freaked me out totally. She's always so easy going and has had numerous dentist appointments that have gone well.
Needless to say I got them out of there and got her back to school. Why are these things recommended every 6 months, it's torture to me. Kate is ready to go back again and has told me hourly since leaving that she needs to go back and clean her teeth again.
I'm exhausted and glad that is done for today! Thank goodness its Friday- we need a weekend in this house!
 Kate before x-rays...she looks frightened, but was calm as can be.
Big girls in the tv/play room waiting on their turn to get their teeth cleaned.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Resurrecting the dead (by that I mean this blog)

I have once again attempted to resurface to the blogging world and have managed to fall off the wagon....again. One of these days I will get it. I will find a way to get off Pinterest carve out time for writing. I want to have a tangible way to look back at things we have done, times we have had and to remember. My first blog was a great way to relive many journeys I had been on. This will serve the same, if I can commit to it. 
My update on life is this....I have a 7 1/2 year old 2nd grader (how did that HAPPEN??) and an almost 3 year old (in November.) Life is busy with them and wonderful. I love my girls and love playing with them, teaching them, and making memories. Life is way to short to just sit back and let it pass by. My goal is to be present and active in every moment of it. Some days I do great, some days I fail. I am human, shocker....and this is my journey. 
We'll see how long this blog-thing reaches this time :) Join me if you wish!