Monday, February 7, 2011

Where do you find community?

my first year as a leader at our High school church camp
We were all created for relationship, for community. It's in the deepest sense of who we are. To connect with others, do life with each other. God knew we weren't good alone, so He created a "help-mate" for us. We are wired for it. Sometimes we go through phases in our life where it comes easy.

For me college was this type of time. To find like-minded people took no effort. I went to a Christian college. I immediately jumped in feet first and got involved. Living on campus it was easy to find events, Bible studies, just the cafeteria was a regular gathering place to meet, talk, do life. I flourished so easily in college.

Now that I'm married, have two children, and don't work outside of the home I find community doesn't come so easily. You have to seek it out, find it and work for it. Not that I didn't work on it before, it's just it was so natural. I'm trying intentionally to find community in this season of young children, of keeping a house running, of wiping noses and doing reading homework at night.

Where do you find community in your life?


  1. I get this. Somehow, I feel the same way.

  2. I agree. I thrive on fellowship but it's so much harder now that I'm a mom. I have to seek out adult fellowship that doesn't involve watching "Jack's Big Music Show" - even though I love to watch anything with my kids! As I read your post it made me thankful for our Mothering Matters group. God brought you all into my life as my support and community!! I know I've said this before, but I LOVE your blog! :)