Tuesday, February 1, 2011

meet Kate

My sweet one year old Kate is such a joy. She is the most spirited, strong willed, opinionated one year old that I have ever met. She is a pistol, to put it nicely. I should have known this would be her personality when I was pregnant. Never a still moment, never a quiet day. Pre-term labor from 27 weeks on- yeah. She was destined to be a spit-fire.
I adore this girl and all of her stubbornness, because as stubborn as she is, she is also the cuddliest little thing in the world. She loves to just roll all over me and can't get close enough. She wants to be "on" me constantly. Her little kisses are adorable (okay, so maybe she licks me, but she's attempting a kiss.)
Sara and her are precious to watch together-when they aren't fighting. Kate adores her big sister. She laughs at her more than she'll laugh at anyone else. He big "sissy" is her favorite person right now.
Kate's favorite hobbies are eating, playing, swinging, and going for walks in her stroller. This girl can eat, and eat she does. Anything and everything around. Nothing is off limits to her. I do not leave my house without a well stocked diaper bag of snacks. It's the only way we can make it through anything.
Kate is now walking, climbing stairs, and turning our house upside down. What a fun time!
She is a joy, really is, and is SO MUCH FUN, even in the tough parenting moments. Thank you Lord for my sweet baby girl.

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  1. So sweet! I finally figured out how to comment - yea! Anyway, like I told you this morning, I love your blog and really enjoy reading it.