Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ummm....fell off the blog wagon!

Oh my goodness, I said I was going to do better at blogging and I did...for a month and then off the wagon I fell. I just looked and realized the last time I posted was Spring Break! Really?!? Darn it, missed summer completely. (It was busy and great) and now we are back into the school year.

Sara started 1st grade and is still loving school. Kate also started playschool last week. She absolutely loves going. She's at that age where she thrives being around other kids her age and getting to play with her new "friends." When I tell her it's school time she bolts to the door and is trying to get into the car before I'm even near it.

Sara started gymnastics this year and loves it so far. Kate is ready to go in and do her "rolls" too...she'll be able to start in January since she'll turn 2 at Thanksgiving.

We are busy and doing life as it comes....and I'll try my best to update sooner than every six months.

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