Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Break 2011 Recap

So...Sara created us a list last weekend of all we needed to do on Spring break. The list went as so...

-go the zoo (check)

-eat LOTS of Ice Cream (check-3 days)

-go to a park with slides and swings (check)
-go downtown to see the buildings (check)

-go the park and feed the ducks (check)

-eat yummy chesse pizza (check)

-play outside all day (check-many times)
-go swimming (check)

And that sums up our Spring Break. Lots of sun, fun, and mommy, Sara, Kate time. So, as I remembered the "list" she'd created us...we made sure by yesterday all of those were done. It was a busy Spring break. But Oh So Fun! Makes me excited for summer to get here so I have both my girls to play with every day. I know Kate LOVED having Sara around this week. It'll be strange next week when she's back to school.

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